Russia- Iran New Geopolitical Alliance 2023

Russia- Iran New Geopolitical Alliance, Russia, and Iran are expanding military ties the US says the two countries are giving each other unprecedented support in Ukraine. Here a question arises what will the implication be for regional and Global security? Russia`s biggest military backer that`s warning from the US National Security Council John Kirby says that the Ukraine war is pulling the two countries into a full-fledged defense partnership. 

The West has accused Russia of using Iranian drones to kill civilians and destroy Ukrainian energy facilities. US National Security Council Kirby believes Tehran and Moscow could start making these weapons together. In addition, Russia is providing Iran with air defense systems helicopters, and training. UK has repeated the accusations at the UN Security Council. 

Russia- Iran Alliance

Russia called the security council meeting intending to highlight the risk of weapons being supplied to Ukraine falling into the hands of terrorist groups and non-state actors Russia`s Ambassador Vaseline Nabenize alleges it`s already happening not only in Europe but also in the Middle East and Africa  

Barbara Woodward pointed to an Iranian drone that had been shot down in Ukraine. Russia is now attempting to obtain more weapons including hundreds of ballistic missiles in return Russia is offering Iran an unprecedented level of military and technical support. 

Russia and Iran have been allies for years. Iran has confirmed sending drones to Russia however says the deliveries took place months before the Ukraine War began. The two partners in the Syrian conflict are Russian air power and fighters supported by Iran. On the diplomatic front President Vladimir Putin has promised to help Iran join the Shanghai Corporation organization that`s a security block created to counter Western influence in Central Asia and Moscow has turned to Tehran for help to bypass Western sanctions. 

There has been an increase in exchange and apparently, Russia has been purchasing some Iranian weapons. However, it’s not a defense alliance yet rather it’s a joined limited operation a kind of trade. Russian industry is capable of producing missiles but Russian industry could not produce enough therefore Russia is buying Iranian missiles which could help Russian operations. Thus the relationship is expanding which is a direct threat to the USA. 

Russia- Iran

As Russia loses soldiers’ territory and momentum in the face of Ukraine`s latest counter-offensive, it’s turning to other nefarious actors for support chief among them, is Iran. The white house says it’s concerned about the increased flow of weapons including the possibility of surface-to-surface precision missiles and the Pentagon confirmed an increase in military aid from Tehran. 

The US pressure is really driving Russia, Iran, and China closer together. There would be implications for this trilateral relationship. certainly, it’s different for all three actors, which is very important to understand. Russia seeks to win its war of conquest in Ukraine and is seeking any means it can do so, On the other hand, Iranians see this as a way to reshape their relationship with the Russians for a long time, they`ve been more subordinate partners in terms of military aid and now they`re having to be taken much more seriously. 

Joint Military Exercises

October 2014: Russian and Iranian warships conducted a joint exercise in the Caspian Sea. Ships from Russia’s Caspian Flotilla joined the Iranian ships at Iran’s Anzali port and then departed for a joint exercise with Kazakhstan. August 2015 Two Russian warships participated in a three-day joint exercise with Iranian ships on the Caspian Sea. Iranian officials reported that the exercise included 200 Iranian and 150 Russian sailors. The exercise reportedly focused on expanding mutual cooperation and raising combat readiness. 

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