Pak-Iran conflict 2024

Pak-Iran conflict 2024, Iran and Pakistan have launched attacks across their border and into each other`s territory, and on both sides, officials said that they are targeting armed groups for their national security. The unilateral military strikes have raised tension between the regional powers that undermine joint efforts for regional peace and security. Both sides have claimed that they have killed several terrorists in each other territory

Pak-Iran conflict

The surprising element was that when Iran conducted the surgical strike on Pakistani territory there was a high-level Iranian delegation in Islamabad and both countries were holding joint military exercises. So several channels of bilateral diplomacy were open between Islamabad and Tehran. There is an international dimension to this conflict however the media and other experts have ignored the “ local Paradigm” which is much more complicated. Pakistan and Iran have been bombing their citizens and both Military and intelligence agencies are involved in taking out false-flag operations against innocent Balochi people.

Pak-Iran conflict

The bulk of Baloch people in both countries are not terrorists, they are probably the poorest ethnic group in South Asia, they have been deprived of education, health, development, and human rights all most from everything and much of their protests are aimed at trying to get attention from the respective governments. The Baloch people, also spelled Baluch, live where Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran meet. They have long exhibited a fiercely independent streak and always resented being ruled by both Islamabad and Tehran, with insurgencies bubbling across the porous border region for decades.

The area they live in is also rich in natural resources. Still, Baloch separatists complain that their people, some of the region’s poorest, have seen little wealth trickle down to their communities. In Pakistan, after their independence, the Balochi people have been abused by the Pakistan establishment. There are thousands of missing person cases registered from the Balochistan provision however not a single person has returned home and as a result people of Balochistan are fighting for their rights and want independence from Pakistan which should be given to them.

The attack that took place from the Iranian side comes within the context of the Israelis ever since the genocide began in Gaza. Iran has been supporting Hamas in launching attacks against Israel and on the other side Iran has been supporting Yemen through modernized military equipment, this makes the situation more difficult for Israel to fight against Hamas, and Yemeni militant groups.

According to media reports and experts Israel has once again started funding terrorist groups on both sides to conduct terrorist attacks and escalate the tensions between two neighboring countries. Pak-Iran, At the time when they dissension relations with the Western world, I think both countries had to escalate the situation. According to the assessment, there is room for diplomatic relations once the temperature comes down and for Pakistan, it’s crucial as the relationship with Iran is important for strategic compulsion. Pakistan has troubled borders with India and as well as from Afghanistan and therefore to have normal relations with Iran is important for Pakistan and it would remain so.

Pak-Iran conflict

Iran has taken the offensive side in the current period. The strike on Syria was not on territory held by the Syrian government rather the territory was under the control of the Turkistan Islamic Party which has members from China and Central Asia and is very closely associated with ISIS, while in Kurdish Iraq this is an old problem and Iran has carried out strikes before and will continue to take serious action to protest its national security. The Suadi-Iran rapprochement was a big step towards peace and stability in the Middle East region.

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Pak-Iran conflict 2024
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