Hunzalah Hussain

I'm Hunzalah Hussain Qasrani, Founder of PoliticsInfos and a follower of the English school of thought. Over the past 2 years, I have worked on numerous research domains including International Relations, Geoeconomics, Health, and the Military domain.


China-Taiwan conflict 2022

Introduction China-Taiwan, As China steps up military activities, Taiwan is building up resistance in the hopes of deterring conflict and defending itself. Tension ratcheted up in August when White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the Taiwan island, which China claimed to be a part of its territory to express anger over Nancy Pelosi’s visit, the …

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Asian countries

RCEP trade agreement in 2020

Introduction RCEP trade agreement, A historic achievement China and 14 other Asian countries signed a massive trade agreement. After eight years of negotiations, 15 countries formed the world`s largest trading block. Mutually beneficial cooperation in East Asia will help boost global development and economic growth and the cooperation of these states is indispensable in such …

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Public Company

( public company) Hascol company on edge of default

public company, Hascol was incorporated in 2001 and the company got its oil and marketing license in 2005. In 2007, it became an unlisted public company which means that although it was a public company its shares were not floated in the market however it became a listed company in 2014 on the Karachi Stock …

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National Security

America New National Security Strategy( NSS) 2021

Introduction America National Security Strategy in 2021. White House traditionally releases its foreign policy document. This document has interim guidance which had not been done before was done about a year ago in March. This national defense strategy is prioritizing China and the China challenge. It’s clear that China probably poses the biggest National security threat to …

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Pakistan failed

Pakistan failed to counter affected by climate change in 2022

Introduction Pakistan failed to counter the effects of climate change, In August this year, Pakistan was inundated with its worst flood in living memory. The rains have seized however a second crisis is looming diseases, starvation, and homelessness. Pakistan does have a direct relationship with the warming climate. Damages from the floods have cost the …

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American Dominancy

American dominancy is Over 2023

Introduction American dominancy. The world says America is losing its power, America reeled from its failed war in Afghanistan. It’s the latest in a catalog of problems, from increasing social division and political paralysis at home to its seeming inability to lead a global mission. This against the backdrop of an increasingly dominant China had led many to …

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US summit

US summit in Africa from 2014 to 2022

Introduction US summit, President Joe Biden is hosting a three-day summit with African leaders it comes as China is investing heavily in the continent and Russia is involved in regional conflicts. US President Joe Biden has invited 49 African heads of state and leaders of the African Union to Washington D C. Joe Biden hopes …

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