Global Conflicts


China-Taiwan conflict 2022

Introduction China-Taiwan, As China steps up military activities, Taiwan is building up resistance in the hopes of deterring conflict and defending itself. Tension ratcheted up in August when White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the Taiwan island, which China claimed to be a part of its territory to express anger over Nancy Pelosi’s visit, the …

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New Middle East

New Middle East Era and Conflicts

New Middle East, Throughout my lifetime, the Middle East has been nearly synonymous with warfare, instability, and conflict. We have heard nearly every year of life about some conflict in this place. Just since the turn of the 21st century alone, there have been major wars fought across the territories of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, …

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Nuclear Politics in South Asia

Nuclear Politics in South Asia 21st Century

Nuclear Politics in South Asia. On the current trajectory, there is within the next two decades a significant possibility that there will be a nuclear war in South Asia, while it’s also possible that South Asian atomic weapons will most likely Pakistan`s be used against one or more countries. As Greg Koblenz pointed out in a recent …

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