geopolitical alliance

A geopolitical alliance between US-India 2020

geopolitical alliance, One of the key deliverables agreed upon during the visit goes by an acronym called it which is an initiative on critical and emerging technologies The most important technology here is artificial intelligence, It is a technology of technology because all other critical and emerging technologies converge into artificial intelligence.

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For Americans, there are two tasks at heart as far as the deliverable that they have signed with India is concerned. One is to get the US military which already has AI in some aspects of warfare which America called the Mosaic war and it goes by their acronym called joint operations and to accomplish joint or domains operation.

Their second task is that this is the time that they have to bring the Indian military up to a certain level where it understands artificial intelligence and can operate efficiently with the defense network of the US Indo-Pacific command.

At present Americans have a doctrine which is called (MDO) multi-domain operations In very simple terms it means the physical domain of war and the non-physical domains of warfare. Like space and cyber, they are all integrated.

geopolitical Alliance

The Indian military is 40 years behind from the cutting edge of warfare because the Indian military still follows the 1986 American Airlines battle concept, in which there is no networking of the three physical services and they will fight the war the physical services, Army, Air Force, Navy. so the point to be made is that today when we see the cutting Edge and how much the Indian military is behind, it is perhaps at the lowest level of military power that India has since independence.

However, it has a vision of Walter Mitty. A recently retired Army Chief in December 2022 while giving a talk made an astounding statement “ He said that the government must first define National security strategy before the theater commands are made because otherwise it will be putting the card before the horse”.

geopolitical alliance

So the question should be asked what is the need of India to define a National security strategy when in the constitution it is laid down that the role of the Indian armed forces is the defense of the Nation Why did the Modi government change the vision of what the military power can do?

What has happened is that during the term of the Modi government in the last nine years, the thinking of the area of influence and the area of interest has expanded while it is undefined.

geopolitical alliance, There are three reasons for that one is that when Modi came to power nine years back within months the policy or the vision of the earlier government which was to look East policy predicated on trade and commerce was changed by an act East policy where connectivity and hard power was brought in a lot of emphasis on maritime security that means you are expanding the Ambit of your area of interest and area of influence.

The second reason is in the thinking of the Modi Government the three operations done under the leadership of Bipin Rawat. The 2016 surgical strikes and the 2019 Balakote air attacks both against Pakistan, the Indian military believes that with those two operations, a lesson has been taught to the Pakistan military that the Indian army can at any time go inside the territorial integrity do the job and come back without any damage to it.

This means that so far as Pakistan is concerned the thinking today is very clear without any exception is that the Pakistan military stands for nothing and it is good as a walk in the park.

Now as far as the 2017 operation against China the thinking is that India had the tactical will so therefore now it is time with both the neigbhours taken care of India needs to expand its area because after all in the multipolar world as Jay Shankar repeatedly says that India is now one of the poles like China is one the poles, so it should be able to exercise military power well beyond its borders.

geopolitical alliance, The third most important reason is that the Americans always pampered the Indians. In 2005 when Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice came to India for the first time she declared publicly that America would help India to become a major power, The Indian establishment was shocked beyond belief because nobody had thought that India could become a major power.

Today there are representatives of the geopolitical alliance Indian military in three combated commands of America They are in the Indo-Pacific command, in the African command, and in the central command which means that as far as Americans are concerned they want the Indian military to play a much larger role.

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