Putin Russia-Ukraine War

Putin Russia-Ukraine War 2022


.Putin Russia- Ukraine War, On February 24, Russia started a full-scale war on Ukraine from Belarus to the north. The Russians annexed Crimea a Peninsula to the south and its territory to the east. For Russia, Ukraine became the core issue and it was a threat to Russian National security Moreover President Putin wanted to re-establish the Russian empire.

Putin Russia-Ukraine War

Russia-Ukraine War. After the full-scale war in Ukraine, millions of people are displaced infrastructure has been destroyed on a larger scale Hundreds of thousands of citizens of Ukraine have lost their lives. The economy of Ukraine has collapsed moreover there is a huge threat of femininity in Ukraine.

Putin Russia-Ukraine War

Putin Russia-Ukraine War, On the other hand, Russia has to face several economic sanctions from different countries including the USA, the UK, and several European states. The Russian economy has also collapsed .likewise the Russian currency ( ruble) has weakened. Despite these, all consequences Russia has continued invading Ukraine.

Effects of war on European states

As European Countries are mainly dependent on Russia’s oil, energy, and, a number of European countries are concerned about their future and it is a threat to their National security.

Putin Russia-Ukraine War.EU leaders gathered in the European parliament to find solutions and admitted that Poland was right when was warning about Putin`s Russia being a threat to energy safety in Europe. war in Ukraine has catapulted Europe into a full-blown cost. The inflation rate has skyrocketed across the board hitting figures that haven`t been seen in decades.

Putin Russia-Ukraine War, The fall of the Soviet Union shifted the dividing line eastward. Now Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Baltic Republics, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria are frontline states, although Putin asserts that the Eastern European states all remain within Russia’s sphere of influence, and are therefore not fully sovereign. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has returned some of the major powers in Central Europe’s history—Sweden, Poland, and Turkey—to pivotal roles in the region’s future. The Kingdom of Sweden, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and the Ottoman Empire were the great powers of the region in the early 17th century.

Putin Russia-Ukraine War

The Ukraine war has made Poland, which was many times in its history a victim of Russian aggression, a critical actor as a supplier of weapons, and a supply route into Ukraine, as well as providing a home to some 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees. From these acts, Poland is emerging as a major European player. This may discomfort those concerned about its government’s discriminatory policies and anti-democratic behavior, but the need for unity in facing Russia’s challenge may, for the time being, mute value differences.

After the covid-19 the inflation rate was rising in Europe and since the second half of 2021, there has been a sharp hike in energy prices including oil and gas in the EU and worldwide. The price of fuel has further increased as a consequence of Russia’s unprovoked aggression toward Ukraine.

Climate Crisis in the EU

In the year 2022 during summer the continent was struck by a severe drought causing rivers to dry up and wildfires to spread the hot dry condition had a huge effect on shipping as water levels in Germany, the Rhine, and Italy pole dropped so low that big ships were no longer able to pass through.

Farmers faced poor harvests and increased production costs against the backdrop of the crisis Leaders were forced to balance immediate needs against long-term climate commitments such as the green deals to become climate neutral by zero.

Putin Russia- Ukraine War, As Russia invaded Ukraine the other Countries including Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Latvia, and Estonia would be looking as a threat to them as well. As President Putin aims to rebuild their empire. Here NATO will also have to face consequences if Russia invaded Ukraine moreover the world order will change Otherwise, the principles of international order will be affected including territorial integrity and failure of the security council.

Weak NATO’s Southeastern

The war in Ukraine has exposed its fault lines. Owing to nostalgic affections, historic animosities, dependence on Russian energy imports, as well as Russia’s capture of state institutions and domestic politics, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, and even, to a certain extent, Romania have all played more cautious, even ambivalent roles in responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Some in this group have even exploited the invasion in an attempt to extract concessions from their more committed allies, while others have hedged their bets. Greece is the exception. Despite widespread pro-Russian sentiments and a longstanding aversion to involvement in military interventions abroad, Greece promptly announced it would provide military assistance to Ukraine.

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