gaza strip conflict

Gaza Strip Conflict 2023

gaza strip conflict Israel Unprecedented War, Now, 13 and half hours after Hamas launched its audacious assault, Israel says it is at war, and Palestinians are already paying a heavy price, the air strikes raining down on Gaza. The attack began at daybreak with thousands of rockets fired from Gaza, hitting Ashalon, Biva, and as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. At the same time, dozens of Hamas Fighters crossed the heavily fortified border in at least seven places.

Since then, the Israeli defense force has been engaged in a gun battle with Hamas in numerous locations and, hitting back hard, bombing Hamas targets high-rise buildings and health facilities in the densely populated Gaza Strip, which is just 16 square miles and home to 2.3 million Palestinians.

More recently, tensions have escalated with violent Palestinian protests along the Gaza frontier. In negotiations with Qatar, Egypt, and the United Nations, Hamas has pushed for Israeli concessions that could loosen the 17-year blockade on the enclave and help halt a worsening financial crisis that has sharpened public criticism of its rule.

Gaza strip conflict

Some political analysts have linked Hamas’ attack to ongoing US-brokered talks on the normalization of ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia. So far, reports of possible concessions to Palestinians in the negotiations have involved Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, not Gaza.

Gaza strip conflict

A coordinated and unexpected attack, a breach In Israel’s security that it appears, coming street battles inside Israeli towns a stunning failure for the state. In the early hours, they came by land, sea, and air, meaning Hamas itself as it triumphantly declared the start of Operation Alaxa.

The flood began with rockets, and the militant groups fired more than 2,000 from Gaza into Israel. The cities are smoked bowed, such as Rovet and Ashalon. The unprecedented attack was an apparent Israel security failure. Akin to 50 years ago, at the start of the Yum Kapore war, this was one of the deadliest days in its 75-year history.

Gaza strip conflict

Within the country, in shock, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war while speaking to his security officials. “He told his security cabinet the first objective is to clear out enemy forces and restore security and the second objective is to exact an immense price from the enemy and the third objective is to reinforce other fronts.”

The Israeli army has flattened buildings in the densely populated Gaza strips with air strikes overnight. Hamas militants have taken dozens of Israel hostages, and the fighting is threatening to escalate further with Lebanon’s Hezbollah shelling Israeli positions in disputed along the country’s border with Israel firing back into southern.

Israelis are waking up to more bad news this morning. The situation in the south is still incredibly hard to digest. The massive barrage of missiles helped cover the movements of militants who streamed in. The Israeli authorities there say 300 people have been killed and several hostages were taken in the attack, while Gaza officials say more than 230 people were killed.

Gaza strip conflict

Palestinian militants renewed their fighting after a brief halt in the rocket barges, firing several volleys into Central Israel on Saturday night. Immediately after the start of the surprise attack from Gaza, Israel called hundreds of thousands of military.

Israel’s prime minister said, “Citizens of Israel we are at war not in an operation but at war. The enemy will pay an unprecedented price, In the meantime, I call on the citizens of Israel to strictly adhere to the directives of the IDF and home front command. We are at war and we will win”The great powers are demanding to give self-determination to Palestine people

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