NATO Forces in Europe

NATO Force in Europe 2021

NATO force in Europe, The leader says the block should increase its military capabilities and not rely on the United States-led NATO. In the past, European countries relied almost entirely on the United States. European Commission president Ursula Vanderlaan says that the block needs the political will to stand independently. 

She says the European Union should be able to deploy a military force without relying on the US; however many in Europe have firmly rejected the idea of an active European military force, while others say the time has come for Europe to increase its military presence. 

NATO Force in Europe

NATO force in Europe, The NATO secretary general warned earlier this month that the EU defense force should not stretch NATO resources. Jen Stoltenberg said we welcome more EU efforts on the defense, but that cannot replace NATO while EU Ministers debated creating a 5000-troop force to deploy during emergencies. That plan faces opposition from some EU countries as well. 

NATO force in Europe

NATO Force in Europe In 2007 battle groups of 1500 soldiers drawn from each member state were created but never actually used. The low defense spending among European countries is a major obstacle to the continent`s military independence. The European NATO members spent 1.64 of their GDP on military expenditure last year. 

Now Germany and France though are among the biggest spenders and they both increased their military budgets. The European battle groups were a great idea, but they didn’t create infantry battalions rather they created a headquarters.  

Now a question arises here Is there a political will for this huge step as some member states are not willing to engage in such a huge step?  

We saw that France left Afghanistan six years ago. They’re also preparing to leave the Sahel, which will allow Russia to enter, so they are leaving the stage. Likewise, there is a fact that many analysts have not missed Macron infamously called NATO brain dead, and after the NATO summit, the Communique, which every eye is carefully vetted beforehand. There are no surprises in any of that. We also saw that Macron afterward said I never saw China in the North Atlantic. 

NATO force in Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin poses the most significant current threat to NATO. Those are the words of German Chancellor Olaf Schultz. In a speech delivered a short time ago to Germany’s armed forces bund sphere, Schultz told the German military leaders that they should accept that Russia will define itself as an adversary to the European Union, the US, and NATO for the foreseeable future. In addition, he also said that Germany’s armed forces must become the best-equipped military force in Europe and would have well-organized military

NATO forces in Europe, Germany’s chancellor said that Germany is ready to take on leadership responsibility for the security of the continent. That`s the most populous nation in Europe with the largest economy and as a country, in the middle of the continent, our army must become a cornerstone of the conventional defense. 

European Union's reliance on Nato,

Despite all the statements made by the German chancellor, the German military is still very under-equipped and there are major gaps and deficits in military readiness.  

NATO forces in Europe and European battle groups are a great idea; on the other side, Berlin has put the German subsidiary of Russian oil giant Rosneft under trusteeship now, which means a federal regulator will take control of a large refinery in the Eastern German town of Schweet which used to draw 100 percent of its oil from Russia. Germany has committed to ending all Russian oil imports and is looking for alternative sources to keep the refinery running.  

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