China's Nuclear

China’s Nuclear Capability is a Great to US National Security 2021

China’s Nuclear. Washington correspondent of the Financial Times of the UK reported that in August China conducted the test of its fractional orbital bombardment system using a hypersonic glide vehicle. On scrutiny, their denial does not seem credible.

China’s Nuclear, With the demonstration of this test, what China has shown is a global nuclear strike capability from space on any target on Earth until now the world had known that there were two vectors or there that nuclear weapons could be delivered it could be done from the sea and air. Now China has gone and added the fourth vector which is from space as well. Technology, fractional orbital bombardment system using a hypersonic glide vehicle has two parts :

China's Nuclear

China’s Nuclear

China’s Nuclear, part is the hyper-sonic light vehicle. China on parade day October 2019 had first showcased their hypersonic glide vehicle called DF 2F with a range of 2000 kilometers. DF-17 medium-range ballistic missile with a range of 2500 kilometers.

First is speed:

The hypersonic glide vehicle would move at a speed of more than 5 Mach. It will move with immense kinetic energy when the hyper-sonic glide vehicle hits the target it will do that with huge energy

China’s Nuclear

The second characteristic of a hypersonic glide vehicle is that it curses at a higher speed at higher reaches of the Atmosphere and the third which is unique is that it does not follow any assigned path. It keeps maneuvering, and due to maneuvering with higher speed and higher reaches it is very difficult for the radars,land-based radars to track and detect these missiles until they are very close to the target then actually it’s useless, and over the horizon, radars are never known to be accurate

China’s Nuclear. Americans are already baffled by this hypersonic glide vehicle of China. because only two countries have inducted this technology yet into the inventory RUSSIA and CHINA.CHINESE from all these has stepped further. They did not use the missile they used their long march 2c rocket which is an orbital launch vehicle. They attached the hyper-sonic glide vehicle to the orbital launch vehicle Now this took the hyper-sonic glide vehicle to orbit which means in space where it started orbiting.

The whole idea is to now look something like this so that everybody knows that the American system the early warning, and the ballistic missile system all are facing the North Pole. Hence the hypersonic glide vehicle is completely capable of bypassing the early warning system which threatens American national security.

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