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Future Chinese, The world is on a mission to invest in renewable energies, go electric, and do anything we can to save the future of our planet; however, China is so far ahead of everyone else that it will take the rest of the world decades to catch up. This is the blunt assessment of the New York Times, which recently published an article entitled “Can the world make an electric car battery without China?

This article concludes that the Chinese are so far ahead in mining rare minerals, training engineers, and building huge factories that the West realistically has no chance of competing with China in this industry; indeed, all roads, pun intended to lead directly through China while China’s lead in the production of EV batteries.

Future Chinese, From lithium to Iron to Uranium to cobalt, the United States government needs direct access to dozens of metals and minerals to fuel some of America’s’ most precious assets, including fighter jets and military weapons; without these resources, America’s military won’t be able to function.

Let`s take the meadow cobalt, for example; the Chinese own 41% of the world`s cobalt mining. Once that cobalt is mined, it`s sent directly to China, where 80 % of the world`s refined cobalt is produced. After refining, the cobalt is used to make cathodes which is the positive sign you see on the side of your batteries.

Future Chinese The cathode is the positive charge of electrons in a storm, and 77 of the world’s cathodes are made in China. Remarkably there are only a few cathode production facilities in the United States, and 92 % of the anode negatively charged on the battery are also manufactured in China.

By investing in these valuable industries for decades, China has positioned itself in a position of strength for the foreseeable future. Likewise, there is one crucial industry where China is crushing America in the Tech Cold War batteries; Future Chinese once again, this simple technology is a gateway to other critical technologies that will control the future of our planet.

Future Chinese

Future Chinese, A new era of technology. China`s overarching national goals have been to become an innovative nation by 2020 and be a global scientific power by 2050. China has achieved its 2020 goals. For example, Chinese entities now lead the world In the number of patents filed, although quality while improving still legs.

China’s Hegemony China laser-focused on self-reliance and indigenous innovation. China’s highest priority is artificial intelligence; AI is the core engine driving what China calls its new development stage. The vision is to transform China`s economy by embedding AI in all aspects of industry and commerce and to leverage China`s advantage in big data.

Future Chinese

With many lockdown and control measures, many offline stores have to close. Even when new COVID-19 cases in China reduced sharply in March and online retailers gradually opened, sales did not return to normal. A survey conducted by the China Commerce Association for general merchandise in mid-April suggested that only 77% of retailers received at least half the number of customers before the Pandemic.

How can offline retailers revitalize in the post-COVID era, and the long run, how can they be competitive in growing E-commerce? These are the questions for many offline businesses, and this is where companies in China with front–line technologies can offer a hand.

Future Chinese. The retail digitalization industry needs to reinvent itself, and nowadays, everyone knows consumers are looking for knowledge capital far beyond traditional shopping. Therefore, Chinese companies have upgraded their businesses through strategic innovation and high-tech investment.

An integrated electric drive unit that can enable vehicles to sprint from zero to 100 Kilometers per hour within two seconds. A super-fast charging battery that can be recharged to 80% capacity in eight minutes. Future Chinese This mark was founded in 2017 under the Guangzhou Automotive Group.

Future Chinese

China’s Hegemony In the global innovation index released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, China’s ranking jumped from 29th in 2015 to 14th in 2020. Still, a widely held view is that China can somehow steel its way into prosperity. A 2017 US report claimed that Chinese IP theft had cost the United States from 235 billion dollars to 600 billion dollars annually. In 2021, after two sessions of annual political meetings, China’s development plan for the next five years prioritized scientific and technological innovation.

“China will stick to the innovation-driven development strategy and accelerate building a modern industrial system. China’s research and development spending will increase by more than seven percent per year, which is expected to account for a higher percentage of GDP during the previous five-year plan.

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