Nostradamus prediction for 2023

Nostradamus prediction for 2024

Nostradamus prediction for 2024, is a year that many are facing trepidation and whilst much of the world will be tightening its belt there are plenty of ways in which 2024 is set to challenge assumptions from antique treasures and old-fashioned solutions to psychedelic revelations and the fate of the world`s biggest population. 


Nostradamus prediction for 2024 In the year the most populous country on the planet will no longer be China but India. China`s population is peaking, while India`s has continued to grow and the UN predicts that in 2023 India`s population will overtake that of China.  

Nostradamus prediction for 2024

Nostradamus prediction for 2024

Nostradamus prediction for 2024, India has more people of working age than any other population group so when this happens it can lead to what`s known as a demographic dividend because of the opportunity it offers for economic growth, particularly for developing countries. 

If we look at what happened to China the population boom under MAO was followed by the introduction of the one-child policy in 1979. This created a big working-age population with fewer children to raise providing the manpower for China’s extraordinary economic expansion. India`s demographic bulge started much later than China’s in 2010. It is forecast to continue until around 2050 with the biggest growth in the next decade. 

Nostradamus prediction for 2023

A question arises: will India be able to capitalize on this opportunity? A more enormous working-age population in theory should mean greater productivity, however, in India, there are obstacles to its success. For a start, about 90 percent of jobs in India are informal which means that the majority of workers don’t have a regular salary.

Nostradamus prediction for 2024, In India the informal sector workers are quite productive is these are very insecure jobs, and when things like the pandemic suddenly many of these workers are out of work these types of factors are affecting and are the obstacles to India’s success. To counter this issue Indian government is trying to set up some national pension schemes, and health insurance benefits. However social-security benefits are quite limited for many of these workers. 

Another problem that India is facing is that while girls are being educated to a higher level it’s often not high enough to work in offices thus the education sector of India has to improve a lot. 

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Part of China’s economic growth was due to the foreign-company factories that were set up there. The Indian government has been trying to mimic this with a “Make in India” campaign to entice foreign investment but the country`s infrastructure and the state of its workforce remain a barrier. The proportion of the laborer force that has any formal is extremely small around 3 percent. There is a very high level of malnutrition, anemia, and other health issues. 

The challenge for the government is to create an economic environment to encourage not just domestic needs but for international businesses to create jobs so that it can reap the rewards of being the most populous country on the planet. 


2024 could be the year that party drugs get closer to being in our prescriptions with three different psychedelic drugs in phase three trials of mental health conditions. MDMA could even be approved to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in America. 2024 could potentially be a landmark year for the US. In any given year around 12 million, American suffers from PTSD. 


Nostradamus prediction for 2023

In 2024 there`s one country that could make a global recession much worse Japan. Japan is the third-largest economy, and its important economy due to its financial sectors is intertwined with the financial sector of the rest of the world. As Japan is the world`s biggest creditor country it holds trillions of dollars of assets overseas, which means what happens here has the potential to affect the world`s financial markets. In recent years, Japan’s central bank, the Bank of Japan has been reassuringly predictable keeping interest rates low. 

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