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POK, The Indian Minister Jitendra Singh, in the prime minister’s office recently in London, Holds, s a group that retrieval of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is on Modi community center whether it is possible militarily to take back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir from Pakistan or not.

This is not a one-off statement made by a minister. In fact, in the last nine years since the Modi government had been in. Power all the senior ministers at one time or another, including the defense minister, have either said or hinted that POK will be taken back from Pakistan.


miscalculation on POK from the Indian Military

POK, The Indian military leaders’ statements are a real threat to Pakistan; for example, in November 2022, when the media asked him, Northern Army commander Lieutenant General Upendra Diwali said He would execute any orders given by the government, including taking back Pakistani by Kashmir. He has to be taken seriously because any senior military commander has a first responsibility towards this command.

For example, in the 1971 war, the Army commander, the Army chief at that time general manic Shaw, told the prime Minister that they had six months of preparatory time, and he was given that time for the war. So here, when the upended and the other leaders say that we are ready to do things, you have to take them seriously, and then you have to start assessing what exactly they are talking about.

Indo-Pak Wars History

POK, This subject sincerely needs to be understood. The first one in no war fought between India and Pakistan right from the first war of 1947 when the cease-fire line was created, Pakistan has been ever defeated in the west. When we say beaten, that means the military line Indian military has not been able to obliterate

The 1971 war was also when the focus of the Indian army was on East Pakistan, which became Bangladesh. Regarding the Western sector theater, the LIE-only name was changed from the cease-fire line by a given take of the territory. It became the line of control. One thing that the Indian army has to remember is that despite the number of Pakistan Army, the Pakistan military has ensured that at the campaign or the operational level of war, they matched the Indian army. Hence, the line could not be changed. This has always been the position. Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Number two, plenty has happened after India revoked Article 370 Kashmir on the 5th of August 2019

Indian new military strategy for POK

The most important thing is that after this deed, the PLA and Pakistan military entered the same theater. Before this, the situation was that the Pakistan military was focused on Kashmir and Siachen, whereas the PLA was focused on Arunachala Pradesh which they called the disputed territory. Because of this, now there is a credible, visible two-front war scenario that stares in the face means India is looking at not just beating the Pakistan military in war.

Still, India is looking at the PLA assisting in ways the Pakistan military to make sure that they do not lose the war, which in any case, they have never lost. Point number three is what is called the beginner mentality. As we know, Magnino was the line in the Second World War, and even today, both India and Pakistan, despite so many gaps over so many decades, still follow attrition warfare.

beginner military strategies

If we look back to history, one of the most decisive moments of the Second World War was in 1940 when the French army was at that time amongst the airlines’ allies the most strong army they created this Meganne line against the German border, and this was the thinking of the first world war differences were late fortifications were done.

However, the Germans were different. Even though the Germans, the Allies, and the Access Nations both had three key technologies, including aircraft, mechanized columns tanks, wireless communications radio telephony were there however it was the Germans who used all three technologies together and did and came up with a war concept. Today The French were prominent. They will not come from the side. However, they entered from that side only. They even shocked Hilter General Guerlain crossed the gyno, and in three days and three nights, we all know that he was very close to the channel, and that is how the French were defeated.

POK, So the point is the French, despite having a big army, had a beginner mentality and the Meghna mentality as you spend the money on the fortification, which gives you a false sense of security, and the military commander would be defensive; thus, they cannot do the offensive warfare. Looking at these three things in mind now, let`s see what has happened on the ground and all this happened after India changed the status of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019.

POK, On October 21, Pakistan officers were embedded in the Western theater command. The PLA created the Western Theater Command after the 2015 reforms. Its sole task is to fight a war with India, so they are embedded and the Pakistani officers in the Xinjiang military division. So it is understood that combined operations between Pakistan and China are something like NATO. In NATO, you have America, you have allies, and in fact, now you have India as part of the defense network, and now they will be looking at how to do the combined operations.

Two front threat

POK India keeps talking about Nuclear weapons. The question arises Where were those nuclear weapons when the Chinese came? They did this in May 2020 in eastern Ladakh, They weren`t bothered or dated atomic weapons. So when China ensures that there is no movement of so-called dual forces, the amount of army that has gone to the eastern front against China, and rebalancing that has happened, India will not be able to return because the PLA will get assertiveness in their gray zone operations. Additionally, they will ensure that everything moves from there to the Pakistan theater.

Around-the-clock deep sea capability is something that the Indian military will not have because, for the last three, the Indian army is into the fourth year as far as a stalemate is concerned on the dark number of sensors they have put ‘.They have the Galaxy One satellite system, which is 144 satellites meant for high-speed and low-latency communication, all that will be available to Pakistan, plus the Betu military system. Pakistan is perhaps the only foreign country with access to the system’s military resolution.

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