Political Unrest

Pakistan’s Political Crisis 2022

Pakistan’s Political Crisis, The tussle between the government and judiciary has been going on for weeks in Pakistan Add to that are the protests from X PM IMRAN KHAN`S PTI because of this Pakistan`s economy has taken a complete collapse.

Another political crisis in Pakistan with relations between the judiciary and the ruling coalition has sought over poll dates Punjab and Khaber Pashtun kha.

The government simply seems not to have a grip on its many problems. We can see a dilemma that is being faced by the Pakistani nation we know that this is the very nation that was being fed in the government-run kitchens in the previous government and there were government-run food programs and nobody knew where they were taking place however, of course, people were getting all of the supplies at the door

Pakistan’s Political Crisis

Right now what we`re seeing is that this current government which is considered a mixed pickle government widely known in Pakistan because it is a PDM seems like they are you know very poor in administration and they have failed miserably in one last year that is why we are seeing on the roads people getting stampeded just because this is an utmost poor administration by the government.

Political Crisis

The government’s top priorities are just the political victimization of their political force. We have seen 130 cases of Imran Khan including the terrorism charges against him. Two Supreme Court judges in Pakistan have recused themselves from these cases. Now there is talk within the Pakistani political establishment of clipping some of the powers that the chief justice of Pakistan enjoys because the former primer minister, Nawaz Sharif has come forth and said that the sumoto powers that the Pakistani chief justice has created political instability in Pakistan.

With political turmoil that has now gripped the nation with people being so desperate here, a question arises Who can provide a certain level of stability Is the ground not fertile possibly for the Pakistani military to step in?

A lot of people in Pakistan probably say that the institutions that are in place are not functioning in the manner that they should Probably it is the opportunistic politicians who have now created conditions where things are not progressing.

The country is on the edge Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has been arrested in a corruption case Protests have broken out across the country Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan, and Islamabad people are out on the streets protesting against the arrest. Angry citizens have even broken into the house of core commander Lahore and at the same time, protesters tried to get into the Pakistani army headquarters.

In the meantime, all the eyes are on the Islamabad High Court reserved orders it take a call on the legality of Imran Khan`s arrest. The PTI officials say that they will continue to protest until and unless their leader does not come back home safely.

Imran Khan has been arrested in the AL-Qadir Trust corruption case. This case is about the largest businessman in Pakistan Malik Rayas who gave more than 450 canals of land to what ultimatley ended up as the organization Al-Qadir which is now under the name of Imran Khan and his wife.

Shortly after the arrest of the sitting prime minister, he wrote this long message on Twitter he accused Imran Khan of maligning the army.

The next few days will be crucial If Imran Khan supporters go on a rampage we could be looking at a significant crisis who knows maybe even tanks on the streets Either way this experience is a lesson for all civilian leaders in Pakistan.

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