National Security Policy of Pakistan

National Security Policy of Pakistan 2022-2026


The national security policy of Pakistan, After the independence of Pakistan in 1969 General Yahya Khan coped the first time NSA GULAM UMAR was appointed after that Pakistan did not have any national security advisor in the early 1970s and during the 1980s and after a long period in 2000 General Perwaz Musharraf from the national security council and made it functional and after that general Mahmood Durrani became the national security advisor and in 2014 Sartaj Aziz form a national security division.

The National Security Policy 2022-2026 is Pakistan’s first national security policy. The main objective of national security policy is to co-locate Pakistan in the emerging global atmosphere. Likewise work on traditional security and non-traditional security which includes political securityenvironmental security, economic security, and most importantly geo-economics. This document says that it has taken seven years to complete this document. The road map is that please see if the National security policy has been inspired by the CPEC


Geo-economics has been the medium of Pakistan’s national security policy because the core issue of Pakistan is its weak economy and instability in its politics. through building economic interdependency a global economic footprint and greater availability of resources. Islamabad believes it can direct capital to both human welfare and hard security initiatives.

National security policy of Pakistan

National Security Policy of Pakistan, This policy has implications for Pakistan and even the INDIANS need to understand this policy document very carefully because it affects their prosperity .voice coming from Pakistan are very discarded for example seeing that the unclassified portion of the 48 pages of this policy there are a lot of television channels which says that KASHMIR which has been a core issue of Pakistan has been downgraded.

But according to my assessment with the help of national security policy KASHMIR ISSUE has been strengthened.

National security policy of Pakistan

National Security Policy of Pakistan, In August 2019 one year later India did the most mindless senseless act which helped Pakistan a lot as the act affected the status of Jammu and Kashmir. By doing so China and Pakistan they came by doing china and Pakistan came into a geopolitically strategic and military embrace These two strategic partners now started discussing and confabulating on every subject so this is what happened because of India.

National security policy of Pakistan

According to my assessment, Pakistan will have to work on Geo economics and co-locate its position in the global world. likewise will also have to focus on traditional and non-traditional security as the dynamics of world politics and world economics have been changing.

With reference to India’s efforts towards nuclear and conventional modernization, the NSP reiterates Pakistan’s resolve to ensure that full-spectrum deterrence provides it with the strength to uphold strategic balance in the region at all times. With an eye on India’s investment in a variety of disruptive technologies, the NSP highlights Pakistan’s need to invest in upgrading cyber security for its critical infrastructure and securing its networks to minimize cyber intrusion and surveillance. Hybrid warfare also receives a mention in the NSP, as an area where a whole-of-nation approach is required to neutralize threats. This was demonstrated well by India through its embarrassing attempts to undermine Pakistan’s security and stability, now exposed by the DisinfoLab project as illegitimate and fraudulent.

Overall, the take-home message from this NSP is that every citizen of Pakistan, irrespective of their political affiliations, is an important stakeholder when the battle is for the soul of Pakistan and its future as a country with immense potential. It is heartening that the NSP has created a discourse in Pakistan where common citizens are questioning the government about their rightful place in the national security policy.

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