"Education Crisis in Pakistan"

“Education Crisis in Pakistan”

“Education Crisis in Pakistan” The school education department of Punjab had planned to privatize thousands of schools in Punjab. Thousands of teachers across Punjab resist the caretaker government’s decision to private government schools. The steps taken by the Punjab government further demoralization of the teachers. The government has planned to privatize the organization, including the expensive lands, monumental buildings, and playgrounds worth about a billion rupees.

Two demographic characteristics make education planning in Punjab complex. Most of the 110 million people in the province reside in rural areas. The second internal migration is very significant. They employ multidimensional measures of poverty, which consider not only income levels but also indicate health, education, and standard of living. The breakdown of mufti-dimensional poverty highlights that deprivation in education ( 43) percent.

Pakistan Education System

The department has three kinds of literacy interventions.

(1)Kachi, Grade 1-3
(2)Kachi, grade1-5
(3)Adult literacy center.


Article 25A of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Requires the state to provide access to twelve years of free and compulsory education to all children between 5-16 years old. The 18th Constitutional Amendment decentralized education to the provincial level, and therefore, the provincial governments are responsible for providing education from pre-school to higher secondary level, formulating education policy, curriculum, planning, and standard setting.

The overarching goals that have been proposed as long-term priorities in education in Punjab were

(1) Ensure free and compulsory, universal and inclusive education for all children at all education levels, including NFE, TVET, and long-life learning
(2)Ensure quality teaching and improved learning for all
(3)To promote effective leadership, management, governance, and education service delivery

Education Crisis in Pakistan

Education Crisis in Pakistan, The government of Punjab still needs to achieve its goals. Pakistan has been trapped in numerous crises. Pakistan’s Education system has failed to deliver, and the step taken by the Punjab government to move to the privatization of schools in Punjab will result in an increase in the illiteracy rate, unemployment, and crime rates in Pakistan.

"Education Crisis in Pakistan"

Approximately 10.5 million children of school age are out of school. It has been noticed that 54% of the total OOSC aged 5-9 years reside In the following eight districts:

(1)Dera Ghazi Khan
(2)Rahim Yar Khan

PEEDA Act(2006)

Education Crisis in Pakistan, Under the ( PEEDA) act of Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline, and Accountability, thousands of government employees have been dismissed for services in the education department. Punjab government employees have been accused Of corruption and dismissed from services.

The Auditor General has detected corruption and financial irregularity amounting to 5.38 billion in the Punjab Education Ministry. The report reveals that 7.8 million have been wasted in the name of scholarships, and various colleges have given 95 million to employees in advance. In contrast, students have yet to be given 18 million in scholarships and students have bagging for scholarship funds for higher education

There are 52,986 schools in Punjab, and the budget for the Punjab education department is 1719.3 million, which shows the attitude of the Punjab government toward education. The sources say the policy was revised after the school education department calculated its financial liabilities, reducing the ever-growing financial burden on the government, spending 250 billion rupees on salaries annually


Education Crisis in Pakistan, The current protections are taken out from all districts of Punjab; now, the Punjab Education Department has released a revised list of 13,048 public schools in Punjab for privatization. The institutions being privatized will no longer offer free education but will implement regular fees under the guise of an education fund. The Punjab government employees are protected against amendments in leave encasement and pension rules, which will cause huge problems for thousands of teachers in Punjab.

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