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America New National Security Strategy( NSS) 2021


America National Security Strategy in 2021. White House traditionally releases its foreign policy document. This document has interim guidance which had not been done before was done about a year ago in March. This national defense strategy is prioritizing China and the China challenge. It’s clear that China probably poses the biggest National security threat to the United States however there are other threats that the strategy will have to address for example Russia and its threats to eastern European allies, threats posed by Iran and the non-state terrorist actors, and in addition to the new challenging threat of Climate change.

China-Russia Alliance

As the two countries China and Russia have operated together both in Europe and in the Western Pacific, this alliance seemed to be like a line of convenience by the USA. Another Challenge that the US is facing is that China is able to focus all of its armed forces on the western Pacific and it’s a potential confrontation there where the US has to deal with its global responsibilities which would sadly not be achievable under the Biden Administration.

National Security

China has such close proximity to these potential targets US has to intervene in China because after some time the US was not able to form a very credible deterrent in the fight. The US should be there to be a contributor that involves not just the posture of forces keeping them forward and maintaining them forward it also means that the US should have the training capabilities up forward to have the pre-positioned stocks of supplies and weapons.

America’s National Security Strategy

The US needs to think about these new approaches to deterring aggression which is about creating more uncertainty for China, creating more options or adaptability in the US forces so that the US could stop China from its extreme aggression and it’s a lot about networking and creating more interoperability. The Dod addresses this challenge that China is a pure competitor and the US can’t take some approach that they took with Iran Iraq and other regional competitors of the past.

The Secretary of Defense Llyod Austin III stated “I’m pleased to announce to release of our unclassified national defense strategy in this strategy nests beneath President Biden`s national security strategy. The key theme of NDS is the need to sustain and strengthen US deterrence with the People’s Republic of China as our pacing challenge. The PRS is the only competitor out there with the intent, to reshape the international order and increase the power to do so.

National Security

The NDS describes Russia as an acute threat. Unlike China, Russia can’t systemically challenge the United States over the long term however the Russian aggression does pose an immediate and sharp threat to US and Putin`s Reckless war of choice against Ukraine the worst threat to European security since the end of the World War II has made that very clear for the whole Worl from North Korea and Iran threat from Iran and North Korea.

Threats from Iran and North Korea

NDS has also a clear eye on other serious threats including North Korea`s expanding nuclear and missile capabilities and meanwhile, Iran is moving ahead on its atomic program supporting dangerous armed proxies. Likewise, NDS is looking towards the global threat including climate change and pandemics. We are also aligning the activities and investments across all theatres across the entire spectrum of conflict, especially in space and cyberspace. In space, we`re working to field resilient satellite constellation and in the cyber realm we`re boosting our resilience and enhancing our capabilities to conduct military operations”.

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