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geopolitical alliance

A geopolitical alliance between US-India 2020

geopolitical alliance, One of the key deliverables agreed upon during the visit goes by an acronym called it which is an initiative on critical and emerging technologies The most important technology here is artificial intelligence, It is a technology of technology because all other critical and emerging technologies converge into artificial intelligence. Ally Partner For …

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Covid-19 the Global fight 2019

COVID-19 . Most of the world appears to have moved on from the Covid-19 pandemic while the World Health Organization says dangerous variants could still emerge. It’s been nearly three years since COVID-19 emerged and triggered a global pandemic more than 6.6 million people have died from the disease it disrupted economies around the world …

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Afghanistan Taliban takeover

Afghanistan Taliban takeover 2022

Afghanistan Taliban takeover, Finally, the military fight of American troops left Afghanistan just before midnight on August 31 in Kabul after 20 years of war. As of today, the U.S. has airlifted more than 120,000 American civilians and Afghan allies out of Kabul almost all of them in the last two-plus weeks. Frank Mackenzie commander …

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Political Unrest

Pakistan’s Political Crisis 2022

Pakistan’s Political Crisis, The tussle between the government and judiciary has been going on for weeks in Pakistan Add to that are the protests from X PM IMRAN KHAN`S PTI because of this Pakistan`s economy has taken a complete collapse. Another political crisis in Pakistan with relations between the judiciary and the ruling coalition has sought over …

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Putin Russia-Ukraine War

Putin Russia-Ukraine War 2022

BACKGROUND .Putin Russia- Ukraine War, On February 24, Russia started a full-scale war on Ukraine from Belarus to the north. The Russians annexed Crimea a Peninsula to the south and its territory to the east. For Russia, Ukraine became the core issue and it was a threat to Russian National security Moreover President Putin wanted to re-establish …

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